Who We Are

Our Mission

Here at St Philip’s, we’re about "commending Christ in our community & the world".

To "commend" means to praise, to applaud, to magnify. To say that we "commend Christ" highlights that we’re a worshipping community, devoted to giving Jesus his due in worship and praise.

"Commend" also means to promote, to champion, or to share something with others. In this sense, "commending Christ" means we’re also about inviting people to put their trust in Jesus as Saviour & Lord. That’s something we do here, in our local community, and something we support others to do around the world.

"Commending Christ in our community & the world" is, if you like, our mission as a church. It always has been and will continue to be in the future.

Our Story

St Philip’s is part of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. We were founded in 1957 as a branch church of St James Turramurra.

Since that time, "St Phil’s" has become an integral part of the fabric of the South Turramurra community. We are known for our love of biblical preaching, vibrant worship, commitment to overseas mission, and a strong sense of church "family".

We are also blessed with a modern, architecturally designed church space and adjacent areas. We also have plenty of parking on site.

Words can’t quite capture the spirit of St Phil’s. Why don’t you come and join us one Sunday morning or evening, and decide for yourself if we’re a church for you.